Intimate Mood

The Mood Collection is at once intimate and sophisticated. The signature look is stylish, gorgeously restrained and contemporary, with a whiff of yesteryear. Every piece is sumptuously constructed using only the best of premium materials and luxurious fabrics. 


Crown table, Judit chair.

Retro Mod

Boldly art deco with a huge dash of modern, the Mood Collection is a fond tribute to tradition - reinterpreted with contemporary flair. The fascination with the flavor of styles remembered is heightened with an interplay of unexpected juxtapositions and architectural touches. The past never imagined it could look this good in the future.

Crown table, Judit chairs.

Dragonfly 20 armchair, Ermione 20 armchair, Drop 20 armchair, Lysandre 20 armchair.

In this collection, sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and beds are the stellar attractions. Assembled, they elicit a visual narrative that spurs memory and emotions of an calm era where the home represented an oasis of intimacy sheltered from turmoil.

From left to right: Jacques console, Memoire armchair, Eaton ottoman, Lysandre armchairs, Jacques coffee table, Carmen ottoman, Francis sofa, Fauno side table, Checker table.